Resident Advisor for Central Africa

Justine Judith LEKOGO

Justine Judith LEKOGO was born in Franceville Gabon, where she spent her childhood and adolescence. After obtaining her diploma at Altogoveen Institute for Secondary Education (I.A.E.S) in 2002, she received a scholarship to join the Rand Afrikaans University (RAU), currently University of Johannesburg where she obtained a Bachelor in Econometrics and a master’s in general economics, with specialization in modeling.

Back in Gabon, she joined the General Department of the Economy and Tax Policy in 2010. She held several positions of responsibility such as: Head of Department in charge of Economic Forecasts and Special Advisor to the Director General. In 2014, she was promoted as Junior adviser to Minister and Senior Advisor to the Minister of the Economy and Finance. These years within the Ministry of Economy and Finance enabled her to take more specialized courses at the IMF and World Bank Institute, on medium-term programming, financial programming, Public debt management. and Public-Private Partnerships (PPP): How to provide better infrastructure for public services.

In late 2016 and early 2017, she flew to the United States and joined the World Bank Group as part of the Voice Secondment Program. She worked on various projects such as: Comparative analysis of PPP and Public procurement in Africa, Evaluation of expenditure relating to Public procurement on GDP and State revenue. She also participates in research work on Public Procurement practices around the world. In early 2018, Ms. LEKOGO joined the International Monetary Fund (IMF) as Resident Economist in Gabon.

She was promoted on October 05, 2019, Deputy Minister of the Economy and Finance, in charge of Monitoring Economic Reforms, Relations with Financial Institutions and Optimization of Special Privileged Regimes. At the end of 2020 and beginning of 2021, she created the SEEMC, a company which explores and operates in mining and quarries. Justine Judith LEKOGO, very discreet, was Chair of the Rotary Club Libreville Doyen, Gabon (International Rotary). She is currently of the Women’s Initiative Movement, a platform that fights against poverty through the promotion of income-generating activities (IGA) and the socio-professional integration of young people, women, widows, and vulnerable people.

In addition to the Women Forum, she is also a member of the, a platform dedicated to women experts in Africa which aims to promote gender equality in the media and improve the presence of women in several sectors of the world. activities.