Resident Advisor for the Sahel

Rajibo Hamani

Mrs. Rajibo Hamani, a successful entrepreneur, a human rights activist, and a supporter of democracy and the rule of law, was born in Niamey in the Republic of Niger, a steppe country in West Africa. Currently, she is working as a civil servant at the Niamey “sous-ordonnancement” center, a division of the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Niger. Ms. Hamani holds a college degree in Public Administration.

Convinced that the development of the African continent is contingent to gender equality, Ms. Hamani has made significant contribution to the economic and political empowerment of Nigerien women through, notably, FAHAMEY (understanding one’s place), a project set up by ex-president Tanja Mamadou. Internationally, Ms. Hamani is the Representative of the “International Women Forum”, an organization based in Canada whose objective is to support women leaders of today and tomorrow and empower them economically through entrepreneurship and the building of collaborative and supportive ecosystems.

A committed politician, Ms. Hamani strives for the protection and realization of human rights and fundamental freedoms on which the rule of law is based. During the last presidential election in Niger, Ms. Hamani worked with the coalition led by the Nigerien Party for Democracy and Socialism (PNDS-Tarayya) and the National Movement for the Development Society (MNSD-Nassara), contributing to the first democratic transition in Niger. Ms. Hamani’s understanding of the socio-political issues affecting democratic processes in Africa, coupled with her expertise on the issues of diparity and political challenges in the Sahel region, is essential to the achievement of AUFD’s mission. Ms. Hamani’s determination to make Niger an egalitarian state testifies to the correlation between the civic consciousness of the population and the emergence of a leadership respectful of the tacit social and political contracts with the ruled.