Thierno Aliou Bah: President and CEO

Thierno Aliou Bah has worked in the areas of corporate banking, community economic development, strategic consulting, cross-cultural communication, international trade finance, and operations management. Over the past twenty years, he has developed a particular interest in subject matters such as institutional and administrative leadership, geoeconomics, public finance, macro-economy, strategic planning, and democratic development. Thierno holds a master’s degree in economics and an MBA with a special emphasis in international management and finance. He received a certificate (with high distinction) in Democratic Development from the Stanford University Center on Democracy, Development, and the Rule of Law.

Thierno believes that reconciling Africans with traditional local values ​​of solidarity, unity, justice, equality, and fraternity is the keystone for building powerful institutions. Currently, Thierno is working on a book that sets out to examine the structural constraints that hinder the development of Guinea, his native country. By doing so, Thierno intends to raise awareness in matters of governance and social relations in order to restore the leadership of the state and the moral sense of society. In his book, Thierno recommends various institutional and public policy reforms as key means for shared prosperity.

Alongside his political commitment to an African continent free from tyrants, Thierno devotes his time to promoting adult education and fighting systemic injustices against people with disabilities. Thierno is the cofounder of a couple of associations of Guinean nationals in North America. He is a dual citizen of Guinea and America.