Valérie Masumbuko: International Vice-president

Valérie Masumbuko is a Belgian citizen, native of the Eastern African country of Burundi. A true Pan-Africanist, she is passionate about Democratic governance and the Rule of Law, women and youth economic empowerment as well as gender and inclusiveness of all marginalized groups, especially on the continent of Africa. PhD (ABD) candidate in Feminist & Gender Studies at University of Ottawa, Ms. Masumbuko has a Bachelor of Arts in Educational Sciences, a Master’s in Psychology in Columbus University, and another in Human Rights & Democratization from the European Inter –University Centre for Human Rights.

With 20 years in action research, teaching, and as a motivational speaker, Ms. Masumbuko has extended experience working with government agencies, United Nations agencies, local and international NGOs, academic institutions and faith-based community organizations.

Ms. Masumbuko’s rich professional experience and insights in diversity, studying and working in Sub-Saharan Africa, the America, and Europe, make her a great asset to AUFD.  Ms. Masumbuko speaks Kirundi/Kinyarwanda, Swahili English and French fluently. She is fluent in four (4) other African languages. Ms. Valerie Masumbuko’s underlining force in community transformation stems from the South African philosophy of human inter-connection: « I am because You are, you are because I am », which makes it a moral responsibility for all of us to protect fundamental human rights and freedoms and deliver massive positive impact to communities and people living at the bottom of the pyramid.